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2018 ARML Competition

June 1-3, 2018
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

2017 Colorado Team 1

Hongyi Chen Fairview HS
Sonia Chu Rock Canyon HS
Anudeep Golla Fairview HS
Anurag Golla Fairview HS
Matthew Iverson Liberty Common HS
Benjamin Kitchen Denver School of Science and Tech
Taha Krarti Niwot HS
Andrea Lin Fairview HS
Austen Mazenko Cherry Creek HS
Erik Svenneby Grandview HS
Avi Swartz Cherry Creek HS
Rahul Thomas Campus MS
Kevin Wang Fairview HS
Hannah Zhang Fairview HS
Stephanie Zhang Fairview HS

2017 Colorado Team 2

Brandon Dong Challenge School
Lukas Leibfried Centaurus HS
Amanda Li Fairview HS
Edward Lim Fort Collins HS
Cynthia Lin Fairview HS
Amber Liu Rock Canyon HS
Aileen Ma Niwot HS
Steven Nyeo Broomfield HS
Hannah Park Poudre HS
Daniel Rui Peak to Peak Charter School
Cedar Turek Steamboat Springs HS
Jonathan Wang Fairview HS
Kyle Wang Summit MS
Warren Woo Fairview HS
Matthew Yan Grandview HS

2017 Colorado Team 3

Andrew Hageman George Washington HS
David Jordan Homeschool
Joy Ma Fairview HS
Avi Moskoff Niwot HS
Rithwik Mylavarapu Fairview HS

The Colorado Team won 5th place in the B Division and ranked 22nd overall at the 2017 ARML Competition. One hundred thirty-three fifteen-member regional teams from around the country participated. Hongyi Chen of Fairview HS and Rahul Thomas of Campus MS ranked among the top ARML individuals and qualified for the individual tiebreaker round!

Individual high scorers in previous ARML competitions have included Ben Alpert, who placed 6th overall in 2011, Thomas Davids, who placed 9th in 2008, Sam Elder, who placed 9th in 2007, and Hongyi Chen, who placed 12th in 2016. Other individuals who have qualified for the tiebreaker round include Avi Swartz and Jesse Zhang in 2015, Hongyi Chen in 2014, and Hannah Alpert in 2007.

In 2006 the Colorado team won first place in the ARML Competition B Division, outscoring eighty other teams from around the country and abroad. In 2011 the Colorado B team was named a national winner, placing sixth in the B division.

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